Our Hike Up Mount Philo

I’m on the way up Mount Philo we started to clime up stairs and jump on sticks. Then about 10 minutes later we where all at the front of the line we had to stop because there was a two way stop. So then we have a little snack I had some cheese and a drink of water. After that we stared our hike to the top. Another 20 minutes later we got a little tired but we kept on hiking. Then we got to the top and then we had lunch and we played tag and hide and seek and hiked back down and went back to school. 

All About Me

Hi my name is Cahota and I’m 10 years old I live in Vermont and love playing Soccer,Wrestling, and Baseball I love playing outside and playing with my family. On my free time I play Fortnite and I have more then 48 wins in solo. I have 10 skins and play on ps4 and I play on mobile two. I also love listing to hip hop and rap music.

My Avatar

I tried to make my avatar as close to me as I can. I have blond hair and blue eyes.And I always love wearing shorts and t-shirts even on cold and rainy days. I love wearing sneakers every wear I go. I like wearing head bands. And I love representing my country USA. I love playing soccer and many other sports two. I also love,love,love playing outside.